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Below is a collection of helpful resources for you and your family.

Policies and Procedures
Billing Form
Treatment Planning Checklist - Adult
Treatment Planning Checklist - Youth

Resource List for Parents and Couples
FAQ's Relating To Relationships
How did we go from the honeymoon to here?
Is it better to stay married or get a divorce?
Is rebuilding a quality marriage really possible?
How can Marriage Counseling help me with my problem?

Resource List for Pornography and Sexual Addiction
Resource List for Youth

FAQs Relating to Addiction
I struggle with an addiction. Is recovery really possible?
I have a loved one with an addiction. How can I best help?
I am in a relationship with an addict. They tell me that I need help. Do I?

FAQ's Relating To Cost of Treatment
How much does therapy cost?
What if I can't afford it?
Are there any alternatives to therapy?

From The Book "Love Dare" by Stephen and Alex Kendrick
The 40 Love Dares

Remove The Pebbles From Your Life Each Day
Resource article written by Ben L. Ashcraft, LMFT

The Price of Happiness
Resource article written by Ben L. Ashcraft, LMFT

Pornography and Secrecy
Resource article written by Ben L. Ashcraft, LMFT

Creating Marital Intimacy in a Non-Intimate World
Resource article written by Ben L. Ashcraft, LMFT

for Marriage and Couples

Utah Marriage Coalition
Great information on creating a healthy marriage

From the author of "Why Marriages Succeed or Fail", this website is a great resource on creating a healthy marriage.

"The Work", based on concepts from Byron Katie, is designed to help people work through personal and relationship challenges by learning to heal your inner-self and love what is in your life. It provides some great resources in working towards personal freedom.

Pornography or Sexual Addiction

Clearplay is a technology that allows you to take regular DVDs and play them through a filtered DVD system which takes out undesired sexual, violent, or vulgar content. Get more information at their site.

Sex Addicts Anonymous (SSA)

LDS Addiction Recovery Program
LDS Recovery and Support Meeting Information

Heart to Heart, a 12 step LDS Faith based recovery group and support program

Helpful Information for Parents and Teens

Information on making healthy sexual choices as a teen

A website with general information about the development of self-esteem in teens

Helpful information on dealing with Eating Disorders

Ben Ashcraft is a licensed marriage & family therpapist, specializing in rebuilding and strengtening marriages.
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